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Buying Your Next Home?
If there is a chance that you’re looking to move into a bigger house nearby? Come to our One Stop Mortgage Shop for the perfect home loan solution.
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With our experts at your service, you can refinance your existing loan with a loan that offers a lower interest rate in the market.
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At One Stop Mortgage Shop, we dole out financial investment advice to our clients from time to time. So, you can secure your family’s long-term future!
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Whenever you decide to buy a home for your family, you don’t have to look elsewhere with One Stop Mortgage Shop at your service. Our team can help you to secure home loans for all kinds of residential property so that you can begin a new chapter with your loved ones. You will talk to our expert advisors and assessors who will help you make the right decision regarding home loans, refinancing investment, and much more in Australia. In most cases, you can secure home loans with either no deposit or low deposit schemes. We can also guide you on Expat Loans, SMSF Loans, Trust Loans, Non-Resident Loans, etc.
We can get tough loans approved!
Guarantor Home Loans
Now you will have no difficulty securing high-value loans for property investment. We just need a guarantor to back you up.
Waived LMI
Want to know if you are eligible for the waiving off of your Lender’s Mortgage Insurance? Come to One Stop Mortgage Shop and get all the insights.
No Deposit Home Loans
We have partnered with some of the leading banks in Australia which help us lend you home loans on no deposit whatsoever.
Low Deposit Loans
One Stop Mortgage Shop helps you secure low-deposit home loans for your investment property plans in Australia.
Australian Expat Loans
Buy yourself a home in Australia as One Stop Mortgage Shop can deliver Expat Loans to you at low interest rates.
Bad Credit Home Loans
Worried that your bad credit score will come in the way of you securing home loans? One Stop Mortgage Shop will ensure that you receive home loans even with a relatively bad credit score on your profile.
Investment Loans
Invest in the right property with loans from One Stop Mortgage Shop in Australia!
Unusual Employment
Even if you fall under the umbrella of unusual employment, we will do our best to help you obtain the necessary funds through home loans for your property investment.
Non-Resident Home Loans
With One Stop Mortgage Shop by your side, it’s easy to acquire home loans even if you are a non-resident citizen of Australia.
Trust Loans
Acquire loans against your property assets simply by coming to One Stop Mortgage Shop.
SMSF Loans
Buy residential properties in Australia under your Self-Managed Super Fund.
Commercial Loans
Pump funds right into your business with quick commercial loans secured by One Stop Mortgage Shop in Australia.

Best Financial Advice from Top Mortgage Broker in Alexandria

When applying for a mortgage to buy a new home, it is important to engage with a reputable and knowledgeable mortgage broker who can assist you in being approved for the best mortgage that meets your personal and family requirements and is within your budget. If you have a professional mortgage broker in Alexandria like One Stop Mortgage Shop on your side, you might get a leverage of getting accepted at the best possible mortgage rate and getting authorised at the most economical rate possible.

One Stop Mortgage Shop Makes It Easy to Apply for a Loan

Getting mortgages for new homes or investment properties may be difficult and time-consuming, but it doesn't have to be that way. Allow one of our knowledgeable mortgage brokers to assist you in making the process of obtaining a mortgage as simple, straightforward, and stress-free as possible. Our primary goal is to get you approved for the best rates and terms available as fast and easily as possible, no matter how complicated your situation may be. Moreover, One Stop Mortgage Shop representatives are there to assist you in becoming more knowledgeable about the mortgage process and to make you feel secure and clear about your new purchase, as well as about all of the costs and obligations that come with it.
Do You Know What a Residential Mortgage Is?
A residential mortgage is a loan provided to a borrower in order to help him or her finance the purchase of a home. Its purpose is to assist a borrower in financing the part of the purchase price that is not covered by the down payment and other sources of financing. They are then required to make monthly or biweekly payments that contribute to the repayment of their existing mortgage as well as the payment of interest on their loan. The borrower continues to make the monthly payments for the length of the agreed-upon term, or until the mortgage is completely paid off, whichever comes first.

It's important to know the distinctions between the two main types of mortgages before choosing which one is best for you:

When taking up a fixed rate mortgage, the borrower is required to make set payments for the duration of the loan at an interest rate that does not fluctuate for the balance of the loan's duration. A fixed rate mortgage is ideal for individuals who want to make regular mortgage payments that will not vary.
We provide a broad selection of mortgage products from a variety of lenders across the market. And also make alternative financing options accessible to individuals looking to expand their current borrowing capacity, and they may be better suitable for your specific requirements. We have been guiding first-time buyers through the maze of mortgage options for more than 25 years. And we know that purchasing a home is one of the most significant purchases you will make in your life and purchasing a home for the first time will be an even more intimidating idea. We help you consider the vast variety of mortgage options accessible from a diverse range of providers, and you might find yourself in a stressful and perplexing situation.

When determining how much you can afford to spend on a new home, be sure to be honest about your financial situation. You should be certain that the mortgage you want to take out is reasonable. Although even a freshly constructed home may need some kind of furniture, older homes may require significant renovations to its floors, tiles, and electrical wiring to keep up with modern standards. Check to see that you have taken into consideration all of the potential costs, in addition to the purchase price and additional fees such as transfer and stamp duty.
In contrast to a fixed rate mortgage, a variable rate mortgage has no predetermined repayment amount and varies in response to changes in national and posted interest rates. Because of the possibility of being unexpected, the initial interest rate provided by these mortgages is lower than that supplied by fixed-rate mortgages. If national and posted interest rates begin to increase, you may find that your variable mortgage rate ends up costing you more money.

Generally speaking, in a residential mortgage, the borrower is obliged to put the property up as collateral in return for the loan from the lending institution. If the borrower is unable to keep up with the monthly payments, the lender has the authority to take the property and sell it in order to recover the debt. Thus we make sure that everything has been provided and explained in minute details and there are no hidden terms or conditions left untold.
For Real Estate Investing or Buying a Second Residence
At One Stop Mortgage Shop, we make it simple for our clients to get started on the process of purchasing a new home or property, as well as being approved for the mortgage they need. Our dedicated mortgage brokers are committed to assisting you in obtaining a mortgage that is the most suitable for your lifestyle and financial circumstances. We can assist you in obtaining the most favourable interest rates and conditions accessible to you, regardless of whether you need a simple or a complicated mortgage solution. If you live in Alexandria and need the assistance of a competent mortgage broker, please contact our brokers at 1300 760 782 right away for assistance.
Visit Our partner company for any Conveyancing Needs
We have the perfect company for your property conveyancing in Australia. With their team by your side, you no longer have to worry about the transfer of property from one party to another. All the important events such as signing the lease/contract, transferring funds, and handing over the keys will be taken care of by One Stop Mortgage Shop. Moreover, you will receive detailed reports on each property, so you can decide whether to invest in it or not. Their services are top-notch, they are incredibly professional, and we can vouch for them as well.
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